Wednesday, May 17, 2006

New food for the babies

Well we have finally gotten around to breaking out the rice ceral to see how they like it. Almost all the books and doctors and family and friends have said they will try to push it out, not because of taste but because of the texture.

Well again we have 2 different babies. Lanier seemed to really like it. We had planned on only giving them about 4 baby sppons full of the mixture. Lanier had other ideas and ended up with like 8. She didn't try to push it out, but seemed to gum it and swallow and want more. Harlan on the other hand did the push out over and over. On the last try she did gum it a bit and swallow it, but seemed to do that just to humor us.

We'll try again this evening and a little more each day. After they get the hang of it, we'll bust out some baby veggies.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Weight Check

Harlan - 13lbs 10.9ozs
Lanier - 14lbs 14.6ozs

Friday, May 05, 2006

4 month checkup - update

Mommy pointed out that I did not include the percentiles of the babies when I posted their sizes. So I thought I would go ahead and add them now.

Harlan - 12lbs 10.6ozs (30%), 22 7/8 inches long (estimates), 15 3/4 inches head (30%)
Lanier - 13lbs 11.9ozs (50%), 24 1/8 inches long (estimates), 16 inches head (50%)

We did not include the length, because that is just estimates because all they are really looking for is normal growth. If the baby doesn't want to be measured then the baby draws up their legs and it makes it hard to get a good length.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

UGA study

The girls got to take part in a baby study at the university this week. The study was to see how visual attention develops in babies. This involved them watching babies on a TV and then a little playtime. We thought that this was a neat study and decided to take part.

One of the grad students will be doing a study on babies that are 6 months, so if she has her study ready she said she would give us a call to take part in that one.

After the study was done we found out there are really two types of babies, one that can sooth themselves when the playing stops and one that gets upset. We have both. Although Harlan was the calm one and Lanier was the one that got upset. Which is almost the opposite then what we see at home.