Friday, April 28, 2006

Babies 4 month visit

Well the girls went to their 4 month visit this week. So needless to say they were unhappy for a moment when they got their shots. Mommy doesn't do the shots real well so I have to help hold them down. But so far they haven't associated me and shots, because as soon as they are done, I hold them until they stop crying, then hand them off to mommy so that I can do the next one.

The doc says they are looking good and that we can start thinking about introducing rice cereal over the next few weeks and then move on to the veggies.

This is how they came in on the sizes

Harlan - 12lbs 10.6ozs, 22 7/8 inches long (estimates), 15 3/4 inches head
Lanier - 13lbs 11.9ozs, 24 1/8 inches long (estimates), 16 inches head

Friday, April 21, 2006

the giggle girls

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The Original Baby

Baby take claim of the bouncy seat.
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Daddy and Harlan and the veiw from above

Daddy and Harlan take in the sights from the balcony

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Lanier and her bottle

Lanier eyes us while she takes a drink from her bottle. Pardon the rest of the mess in the pic. When you have twins you just try to not fall too far behind.
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Sleeping Harlan

Harlan likes to sleep on her side even in the swing
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Harlan napping

Harlan when she sleeps can sleep anywhere. Here she is sleeping on the grandparents chair.
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Harlan's odd sleeping habit

Well we tell everyone that Harlan is not happy unless she has her legs out of the crib. We think she is just testing out the crib for escape.

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Lanier and her Bumbo

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Harlan and her Bumbo

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Easter Basket treats

Lanier and Harlan enjoy their new Bumbo's and bunnies at the grandparents house
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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Talk talk talk

Well the little ones have really chatting things up these days. It seems that all they want to do is talk. They will talk with us, with each other, their hand or a foot. They do seem to like sitting across form each other and making faces back and forth in their new Bumbo seats.

We go next week for their 4 month check up and shots. Should be a fun day for all.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Babies Easter

Well we had our first Easter with the babies. Now there is not a lot our little ones can do at this point so hunting eggs was out of the questions. But grandma did get them Easter baskets with some candy that mommy and daddy have enjoyed. They also got a Bumbo seat each. This is the coolest seat for babies that I have seen. I'll post a picture later this week.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Size Check

Harlan - 12lbs, 3.6ozs
Lanier - 13lbs, 6.8ozs

Monday, April 10, 2006

Sorry Daddy has been bad

Well daddy has been bad. I haven't had a chance to update this lately. So I'll see if I can catch everyone up.

  • Lanier's OT/PT appointment went well. She is right on track with all the tests. They gave us some exercises to do with both girls to help them along. The things they told us was things that every parent should be told.
  • Lanier is now starting to really get into the baby talk, much like Harlan has been doing for a few weeks. We have determined that Harlan is about 2-3 weeks ahead of Lanier when it comes to vocal and facial stuff. While Lanier is about 2-3 weeks ahead of Harlan when it comes to the physical aspects of things. Lanier has been holding her head up for weeks, while Harlan is just now getting into that stage.
  • We have some more pics so I'll get them up in a few days.