Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Well while the gorls were at the doctor they both got weighed.

Harlan - 18lbs .6ozs
Lanier 20lbs 12ozs

we have chickenpox

Well we didn't make it until we could get the vaccine, missed it by 2 months. Both our girls have come down with chickenpox. We are about 4 days into it, so we have about a week left. Lanier got them first, but by the time we realized it was chickenpox, Harlan had them. It started on Friday (27th) for Laner, well a little before that with a small rash on her leg, but by Saturday she was nicely covered and Harlan had 2 or 3 bumps. Now both are getting more and more. Lanier more than Harlan.

They are both handling it well, but you can tell they are not feeling well. We took them to the doctor on Monday to verify the pox, and knowing there was nothing they could do, but we wanted to make sure that nothing new had come around.

Hopefully they will start getting better by this weekend.

I will be posting some pics in the next day or so of our dotted girls.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Babies on Stairs

Saturday, October 07, 2006

we have words

Well both girls now seem to be saying mama and dada. Now we just have to associate those with mama and dada. But this is a good first step so to speak.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Lanier's OT/PT

Well Lanier had her 9 month OT/PT visit. Everything seems to be going good and she is doing everything that she should be doing. The only slight concern is when she crawls she won't use her right leg. But they seem to think that it is a muscle development problem rather than a mental issue. So they gave us an exercise to work on making her right trunk muscles stronger and that should help out. So other than that and they weren't even too concerned with that, everything looks good.

We go back in December unless she has issues standing flat footed before then.