Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Sleeping Babies Posted by Picasa

Sleeping babies at Grandmas house Posted by Picasa

Monday, January 30, 2006

Sleeping angels 1.30.06

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our little ones

No Lanier is not cross-eyed, she was just trying to strike a funny look. 1.30.06

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Hey What's going on here

Harlan trying to match away on the left, or atleast she has the arm thing going. 1.30.06

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Our Cuties

Here is a pic from the pic people. Taken 1.30.2006. Lanier is reaching for the camera with Harlan trying to look calm.

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Cooper with Harlan and Lanier on 1/25/06

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Barrett with Harlan and Lanier on 1/25/06

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Barrett and Lanier on 1/25/06

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Ms Harlan in her froggy outfit

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Harlan and Lanier with their Ma's

Harlan and Lanier spend time with their Grandma and Great GrandMa. 1/25/06

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Harlan, Lanier and Great GrandMa

Harlan and Lanier spend some time with their Great Grandma Childers. 1/24/06

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Friday, January 27, 2006

Getting bigger and more

Well the little ones are slowly becoming not so little. At today's weigh-in they came out as such
Harlan - 6lbs 13ozs
Lanier - 7lbs 9ozs

While Dana was there she asked about Harlan and her spit ups after feeding. So the doc said to use the same medicine Lanier is on and see if that helps her gain more weight. We know it will since Lanier is really packing it on.

Also, Dana is taking the twins out for some pictures at the Mall of Georgia. We are wanting some professional pics of them, while they are still small. As far as pictures go, I hope that maybe this weekend, I can weed through some and post some more.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Diapers, freebies and more

wow all I can say is we need to buy stock in pampers and huggies. At least they have moved out of the premie diapers, which on come in packs of 20. Which for us is about a days worth. So now we are up to size 1, which come in a bigger package. Now we can go a few days before we hit the stores. I think we are ready to start hitting Sam's Club for the major stock piles of wipes and diapers.

Also of note, we have started sending off for our freebies. Lots of places have discounts, coupons, samples, etc for people with multiples. We have already started getting some in. Now nothing major, but a dollar off here and there adds up.

Well our feedings our off. With Lanier on her medicine that has to be given 30 minutes before a feeding. Then on top of that, each now only want 1.5ozs each feeding down from 3 ozs, but now they want it every hour and a half. Which is fine and all, but when we are trying to catch some zzzz's it makes it a bit hard.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

oh how the grow

Well another weighin and they keep getting bigger.
  • Harlan - 6lbs 0ozs
  • Lanier - 6lbs 6ozs

On the health front, both are doing great, The peditricain has put Lanier on some reflux medicine, they think this will help with any apnea issues. The way it was explained to us was, in premies, their muscles aren't fully ready for the workload of handling feedings, so sometimes they get confused and forget to breath if the relux kicks in. So far Lanier has been doing great. Harlan is not on the medicine and seem to be doing well also.

Both are eating like we are starving them :). At first they took an ounce than 1.5, now they are upto almost 3 and sometime a little more than 3 ounces each feeding, which seem to come more often now. So we are slowly giving them more and more.

And the Neosure formula that we are supplimenting with the breastmilk is helping them pack on the lbs. Once we get them to 7lbs we can stop using the Neosure and go to regular formula as a suppliment. And we'll be glad to, With the neosure we get half as much as normal formula for 3/4 the price of normal formula. Needless to say it can get expensive on that Neosure. They seem to go through a 12 oz can every other day.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Wow these nights are short

Well the teams have mastered the double team. It seems their plan is to have one wake up for a changing or a feeding, then just as you are getting done, the other one jumps in. We have tried the double change and double feeding, each of us taking a baby, but the one that was still asleep, won;t eat until the other is almost back to sleeep.

Needless to say, that can make for a long night and it has on many a night.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Our Cats new Babies

Well like us, our cats feel that they too have 2 new ones in their family. Our cats have taken a real interest with the twins. They seem to be following their maternal instincts. When the babies cry they come running, when we are playing with the twins, the cats sit and watch on, making sure nothing happens to them. Paisley seems to really enjoy them and will sit in the threshold to the babies room and just watch and listen. The others take notice of the babies, but don't seem to find them as interesting as Paisley does.

The cats may find them neat and interesting now, but we tell them to just wait until Harlan and Lanier are mobile.

Apnea Report 1/9/06

Well we got the results from the first download of information from Lanier's Apnea Machine. This data is sent to Eglestons Children Hospital and is then forwarded to our doctor. They actually called on Friday but we were at the grandparents, so I called this morning to get the results. From a layman point of view things seem to be going good.

According to the report, this is what we had from 12/24/05 - 1/5/06
  • 30 Alarms
  • 7 events of less than 20 seconds, which they don't consider to be an issue
  • 6 events where there was concern. Of those 6 events, we were either holding her or looking at her when the alarm sounded.

Of the 6 events, none have occured since 12/29/05. And all occurred from 12/27-12/29. This was also the time frame where she was finally got the caffine out of her system.

We have put in a call to our doctor to get more information on this.

Our next schedule download is 2/7/06.

Babies First Adventure

Well we decided to take the babies with us to babies r us on Saturday. This would be the first time they have gone someplace other than the doctors office or grandparents house. So we loaded them up and off we went. Our plan was to get there when it opened, hoping this would cut down on the crowds and traffic, well the twins had other plans.

Well apparently the twins got together and decided we didn't need to leave until 11am, not our original hope of 8am. So they kept us up all night and finally settled in around 5am. So now momma and daddy needed some sleep so this delayed us a bit.

As far as the trip, it went really well. The twins did great, and lots of folks stopped me as I was pushing them around the store to look at them and ask about them. Quite fun actually. We did have to take a time out for feeding and changing, but that was expected.

Since they did so well, we probably will venture out again later this week. As we don't want to over do it. Right now we are working under the doctors idea of keep them close and away from crowds until they get to what would have been a 40week birth. For us that would be Jan 21st.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Good baby weigh-in

Well we had our weigh in today at the docs office. This is one of those in and out things and all they do is weigh our babies. We will be doing this almost weekly until they get to 7lbs. Well we are well on our way to that mark. At this rate Lanier will get there first.

Harlan came in at 5lbs 4ozs and Lanier was 5lbs 11ozs

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Don't try this at home

Well Momma and me decided that it would be cool to have foot and hand impressions in clay for each twin. Well as you may know, babies have this instinctive clintched fist. After several tries we finally got something to show for our efforts, and then the feet were easy. But we are going to hold off on the inked hand prints at this time and only go with the feet.

Also, baby weigh in on Friday to make sure they are still gaining weight, but I don't need a scale to tell me they are getting heavier.

Monday, January 02, 2006

Babies in Carseats

Grandma looks on as the twins (Harlan left and Lanier) show up just in time for a little Christmas.
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Daddy and his girls

Daddy gets an early start on getting the twins ready for football as daddy watches some bowl games.

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Harlan (left) and Lanier on Daddy's lap while daddy watches football
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The first Baby Pics in no real order, yet

Sorry no captions on each pic, but I'll see if I can match them up.
1. Grandpa and Harlan at home
2. Lanier in SCN on 12.24.2005
3. Dad and Lanier in SCN
4. Mom and Harlan
5. Grandma and Harlan
6. Lanier in SCN on 12.19.2005
7. Harlan (eyes open) and Lanier at home

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Second baby checkup

Well we have had our second baby checkup. They both are doing well although each had a case of thrush. Harlan had it first and got medicine on the first visit, then Lanier got it by the second visit. So now they have both been on the medicine and it is clearing up nicely.

As far as the visits go, both are gaining weight, Harlan is up to 4lbs 15ozs and Lanier is up to 5lbs 2ozs. They want us to bring them in again Friday for a newborn weigh in and then again the week after. They want to make sure that they are continuing to gain weight at a proper pace.

On a side note, everyone loves the pink car seats we got them, granted we have only been to the grandparents, the pediatrician and the hospital with them. I think momma made a good choice in picking them out.