Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Summary to Date 9/20/05

Well, since I got a late start on this, I thought I would give a quick summary of where we are.

As for the history of the twins (I know I shouldn't refer to them as "The Twins", but until we release the names thats what they will be known as), it all started in January of 2005. We were trying for a baby and got one, but later learned that we would lose it. We were told to wait a few months before we tried again. Then came April 2005, we weren't really trying, but ended up hitting the jackpot with twins.

I can remember when Dana came home and told me. She had gone for a normal visit, just to see if she was infact pregnant. I was coming down the hall and she goes, well we're pregnant and I heard their heartbeats. I stopped, jaw hit the floor, and I was like "their heartbeats." Thats how we got going.

Since then we have had our fair share of doctor visits, ultrasounds, a few 3-d images. Over this time we have been to a many a baby show, sales, etc to begin gathering up all the supplies needed. One thing we did find out is the number of discounts we get because we have twins. Lots of buy one get one discounts, extra formula and so on.

We have had only one scare so far and that was more than enough for all 4 of us. We went to the doctor and they gave us the all clear.

As far as telling folks, we have told most family members and some friends. But I, have been holding off on telling the rest of the family and co-workers until closer to the time.

At some point I will get around to posting some of the ultrasounds so that all can share in the excitement.

Well thats the nuts and bolts for now.


Anonymous said...

Cool. You're a blogger now. I wonder if your blog will ever get caught up in any searches for Ashley Olsen Twins.

Alan Ashley said...

well now that Ashley Olsen Twins are in the blog, I'm sure I'll get some disappoint viewers.

I wonder when I post an ultrasound if I should add the key words naked twins.