Monday, March 06, 2006

The hair and Lanier

Well we had quite the little scare, or at least it made our hearts race a good bit. We were getting ready to head over to the grandparents house. Dana was dressing the girls and then was going to feed them. I was taking a shower. When I finished my shower, Lanier was screaming up a storm, at first thought it was because momma was dressing Harlan and not paying attention to her. So I went over and picked her up to try and sooth her. Well in the process I happened to notice her hand. She had somehow managed to take a strand of Dana’s hair and wrap it around her finger. It was so tight that the finger was bright red and it was actually drawing a small amount of blood from the underside of the finger.

Well we both jumped into action to try and remove the hair. After a few minutes we were able to get a pair of tweezers under the hair and pop it loose. The second it came loose, Lanier stopped crying and Mom and Dad breathed a sigh of relieve. For a bit there we didn’t think would be able to get it off, because Lanier was not helping much by keeping her hand in a tight ball.

Well after that all was well until that night she tried to do it again, but we caught it before it got tight.

Well apparently Lanier will grow up to be a magician because we can’t figure out how she is managing to wrap that little string of hair so tight. But all is well now and she only has a small mark to show that it had happened.

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