Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Ok sorry for the lack of updates

Well its been a wild month, computer crashes, video editing and baby time, plus work, so I haven't made it around to updating this lately. Well he is a recap of the last month.

  • We have started trying to give them rice cereal. It seems that Harlan is taking to it more than Lanier, but then again, the first time we tried it, Lanier really liked it. So not sure what's up with that.
  • Lanier has now switched places with Harlan, Lanier is now the one wanting to be held 24/7, while Harlan is into her routine a little be better.
  • Tomorrow is our 6 month baby checkup. More shots for the babies. Ouch
  • I'm going to look for a place where I can upload baby videos for those that want to watch. I have edited, but will be re-editing after my computer crash the 0-6 month video. Turns out we thought we had a good video camcorders, but once it is uploaded to DVD it did not meet our standards, so we will be starting their 6 month birthday with a new camcorders.
  • Once I have a site for the videos, scaled down from DVD length, I will post a link here.
  • Harlan is a flipping baby, all she wants to do is flip from back to stomach, although she can't go from stomach to back. Lanier on the other hand, has some issues going from back to stomach, but no issues really going the other way.
  • Both babies are very interested in the balls we got for them. They have rattles and ribbon and they really like to try and grab those. Altoough the one with the ribbon we will have to watch to make sure it doesn't come off.

More tomorrow after the babies check up. Also we have some new pics that I need to upload.

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