Saturday, July 19, 2008

Attack of the cantaloupe

As a work from home dad, I don’t go into the office that often. Well on Thursday was one of those days where I needed to go in. Well wouldn’t you know it, I would miss all the excitement.

Apparently Harlan was having some fruit for her morning snack, yes I said fruit, cantaloupe, and was eating it at a pretty good clip. Well Dana was in the next room, when Harlan comes running up pointing to her mouth. She does this sometimes to show us and other times to say she doesn’t want to eat it anymore. Well this was a new point at the mouth message.

Apparently she had started choking on one of the bigger pieces. Dana tried the Heimlich, to no avail. Harlan was even trying to put Dana’s fingers into her mouth to get it out. Well after a few attempts and different approaches to getting it out, it finally came out. It upset both mom and babe.

Dana said she was seconds from calling 911. Of note, Harlan is not turned off of cantaloupe.

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