Friday, April 28, 2006

Babies 4 month visit

Well the girls went to their 4 month visit this week. So needless to say they were unhappy for a moment when they got their shots. Mommy doesn't do the shots real well so I have to help hold them down. But so far they haven't associated me and shots, because as soon as they are done, I hold them until they stop crying, then hand them off to mommy so that I can do the next one.

The doc says they are looking good and that we can start thinking about introducing rice cereal over the next few weeks and then move on to the veggies.

This is how they came in on the sizes

Harlan - 12lbs 10.6ozs, 22 7/8 inches long (estimates), 15 3/4 inches head
Lanier - 13lbs 11.9ozs, 24 1/8 inches long (estimates), 16 inches head

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