Monday, April 10, 2006

Sorry Daddy has been bad

Well daddy has been bad. I haven't had a chance to update this lately. So I'll see if I can catch everyone up.

  • Lanier's OT/PT appointment went well. She is right on track with all the tests. They gave us some exercises to do with both girls to help them along. The things they told us was things that every parent should be told.
  • Lanier is now starting to really get into the baby talk, much like Harlan has been doing for a few weeks. We have determined that Harlan is about 2-3 weeks ahead of Lanier when it comes to vocal and facial stuff. While Lanier is about 2-3 weeks ahead of Harlan when it comes to the physical aspects of things. Lanier has been holding her head up for weeks, while Harlan is just now getting into that stage.
  • We have some more pics so I'll get them up in a few days.

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