Saturday, June 13, 2009

No More Diapers ??

Well we have reached a milestone in the development of our girls, potty training. Yes, I know that all parents reach this point, but as a parents of twins, this is an especially happy time for us. See when you have to buy diapers for twins, the expense adds up quickly. 

Our potty training success came in two phases, Lanier then Harlan. We tried several methods to encourage the use of the potty, but for each child, we had to use a different tactic. 

For Lanier, we tried, bribes of candy, praise, you name it we tried it. Finally the method that worked for her was the threat of a bath every time she did not use the potty and made a mess in her panties. Yes this seems mean, but it only took 3 or 4 times before she understood the situation. During this time, we did give lots and lots of praise for when she did use the potty. Now, we did not use this method for nighttime accidents, as that, in and of itself can take much longer to master. More on that further down in this post. So for now, we are 2-3 weeks into panties every day, with only the occasional accident, which was more a result of a stomach bug than not using the potty.

For Harlan, we tried the same methods and none worked. What seemed to do the trick was the praise we were giving to Lanier, because after about a week, she started waiting to use the potty and wanted to wear panties. She too has now gone about 1-2 weeks with only a couple of accidents, mainly at the beginning. 

For both girls, we have moved to no diapers at night as well. Bother have taken to this very well with only a handful of accidents. When they do have a nighttime accident, we let them know its OK and that it happens to everyone when they are learning. 

For both girls they are getting the hang of peeing and pooping in the potty, so if they continue down this road we may not have to buy any more diapers.

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