Friday, July 10, 2009

Swim Time

Well it’s that time of the year again when all the kiddies hit the pool, and like all other kids ours wanted to hit the pool too. Granted the pool is at grandma’s house, so a little travel is involved. 

Well going into this year, Harlan was the pool junkie and Lanier could take it or leave it. So like everything else they have done so far in their lives, the roles have switched. Although this time we know why. 

About 2 weeks into the summer, Harlan took a plunge and her head went under. Mom was right there so no harm and it didn’t impact her. Well about a week later, she did it again and this time it took an extra second to get to her and now she won’t go near the water. At this point, we are still trying to convince her the water is not going to hurt her and it’s ok to splash around. We are hoping that she’ll start to forget her traumas from earlier this summer. 

Lanier on the other hand, would only stand on the sundeck and splash around, now she is all about the pool. When we are not at the pool, she’s in the bathtub, splashing around. We are hoping that Harlan takes a cue from her younger sister and gets back into the groove.

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