Thursday, December 15, 2005

Another OK checkup and other stuff

Before the Doctor's Visit
Well the first to the specialist on Thursday was an adventure even before we got to the Doctors Office. We had a minor ice storm Wednesday night, well it wasn't bad until we got up Thursday morning. The power was on and off and by the time we realized, hey the garage door is electric, the power was out for good. We had already planned on leaving a little early, but now with the power out, we decided we better move the time up some more.

So we had to pop the "if stuck" cord on the garage, move the car, manually put the garage door back and re-attach the cord. From there we thought we would take the long way, or the way that was well traveled. But after leaving the neighborhood, we decided on our second or medium way. Well we had to look out for some falling ice a a few downed branches, nothing major.

Well this ended up putting us at the doctor's office almost 45 minutes early, oh well.

The doctor visit

Well we got to see the specialist today, that included the normal weight checks (5 lb 3 oz and 5 lb 1 oz). So the babies size is going good. We did blood flow checks, body checks, heart checks and it all looked good. We even were able to see head hair on one of the babies. We got a picture, put it looks more fuzzy than anything.

The doctor said everything was looking good and that the preeclamcia has not gotten any worse and that we should continue to monitor her BP every few hours. We have follow-up appointments next well on Monday and then on Thursday. The Thursday appt is with the Specialist again.

Other Stuff

Well the bed rest is well not so restful according to Dana. She is getting to the point where you can only sleep so much. One of the things with this bed rest is you tend to sleep and good deal, except when its time to sleep.

Well the babies are still moving quite well. Dana gets such enjoyment out of watching the "little aliens" move under the skin. For those that remember the Alien movies, then you know what I'm talking about.

well more next week

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