Monday, December 12, 2005

Check up ok - 34 weeks

Well the visit to the OB went OK. Her BP is still a bit high, but her protein levels are staying about the same. Babies were still responding well. With that they sent us back home and scheduled us for an appointment with the Specialist on Thursday.

We still have to monitor her BP every few hours. IF either number reaches a set thresold, then we will have to notifiy the OB and they may admit her until its time to deliver.

As far as bed rest goes, Dana is still not thrilled with the idea, but understands. I still have to get on her to stop trying to do things. But at most we have 6 weeks left, but I'm sticking to my prediction that they will be the week after Christmas.

Here are some pics from today at 34 weeks+1 day

Future Mom and dad, with Sasha looking on

Here is Momma at 34 weeks

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