Saturday, December 10, 2005

Our first saga and excitement

Well this post is a little late in coming but have been a bit busy.

Well think of Gilligan and his 7 hour tour, but ours was only to be 2 hours.

We had our normal OB visit on the 7th, (at 33 1/2 weeks) Things were going good, but a few of the test came back a little high. Also with that the specialist had noted that he was beginning to worry with preeclampsia, so the OB sent us down to the Labor and Delivery unit at the hospital to do some blood work and some baby stress tests. Which was only to be a few hours, enough time to get the reading for the babies and the blood work back.

So, the saga begins, first the babies looked good, all was good, but momma's tests came back with some issues. Her potassium and magnesium were low and her BP was higher that they would like. And with the swelling they wanted to do some more tests and get her levels back to a more normal state.

So now we are in for 24 hours. IVs, pills, BP checks, baby checks, some of these every few hours. Plus we had the steroid shots to help the babies' lungs develop, just in case they had to deliver them early. Well momma's levels didn't go up as high as they would like so now we have another 24 hours, this time with a 24 hour protein check. Apparently the magic number is 1000 for our OBs. 500 is a no worry, 1000 they said they start to get a bit concerned. Ours was 1080.

Well during this 24 hours we saw all 3 of the OBs in the practice, we saw our specialist. After all the tests from this second day came back and the docs conferred, they allowed us to return home. During this time, momma is on total best rest, we have to check BP every few hours, plus some potassium supplements.

So we go back to the OB on Monday and the specialist either Thursday or Friday. Well the second appoint is assuming we don't get re-admitted. If we get re-admitted, I think we are there until the twins are delivered.

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