Friday, February 24, 2006

2 Month Doctor Visit

Well I have a lot to report today. We had our 2 month check up, actually more like 9wks, but who's counting. I'll break it down by baby, then have a both baby section.

Weight 9lbs4ozs
Length 20.5 inches
Head 14-3/4

Doctor said she is looking and it processing nicely. All her action, sounds, feel are normal. She has some thrush coming back, so she will get more of that medicine for a little while.

Weight 10lbs2ozs
Length 21 inches
Head 14-1/4

Doctor said she is looking good.The best news is she is now off of her anpea machine. Since she has gone almost 6 weeks without an episode, not counting ones while giving medicine, the doctor felt it was time to get her off of it. Plus we have only had her in it for 4-5 hours a day for the last 2 weeks.Lanier will also be going in at the end of March for her PT/OT checkup for being in the NNICU. We will be doing this every 3 months until she is a year old.

Both Babies
  1. As for the both of them, their sizes come in around the 25th perctentile for weight and head size. The length is only in the 5th percentile, but she said length is very hard to get at this age and the 6 month length is the one they really go by. The doctor said since they were not extreme preemies that she was not going to do a age adjustment on them, since they are processing normally.

  2. They had their Zantac and Reglan dosage raised since they have gained more weight. We will need to have it adjusted again at a 3 month weigh in.

  3. The doctor also said we can start placing them on their stomachs during the day to help build muscle and coordination. But they still need to sleep on their backs

  4. They have been moved off of the high calorie food and can go to regular formula. Yea for us, the regular stuff is a lot cheaper and the way they have been downing the NeoSure, it was getting right expensive. Granted we did have some freebie formula for having twins., but the ride home put them to sleep and hopefully will sleep it off. We also were told to give them infant Tylenol to help reduce any fever and pain.

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