Thursday, February 09, 2006

Not so little anymore

Well our little ones are not so little anymore. We went to the doctor's today to talk about Lanier (more later on that), but we got them both weighed. This is at 7 weeks, 4 days old. Remember they came home at 4lbs9ozs for Harlan and 4lbs13ozs for Lanier.

Harlan - 8Lbs 4ozs
Lanier - 9lbs 2ozs

The reason we went in today was to have the doc look at Lanier's eye and to discuss her monitor results. Her eye seemed to be extra watery and would sometimes form sticky stuff to the point of the eye not wanting to open. Well turns out that it is fairly common and we can just wash it out. But if it continues, we can get a antibacterial gel to put on it.

As far as her monitor, we are having doubts as to the effectiveness of it. Our last reading seemed a bit off and the doc said we can leave her out of it as long as she is awake but she still needs it at night and during naps.

We will also be calling to get a new monitor, just to make sure that it was not the reason for the odd results we got. The results showed 6 events and we recorded none of those, because the monitor never went off.

Also along those lines, since they are gaining weight, the doc up'd the dosage of the medicine for the antacid and spitup.

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