Thursday, February 23, 2006

Finally a new post

Well its been a little while since I have done an update on the babies. Daddy has been a bit busy with work and hasn't had a chance to update. I also have a few pictures to upload, maybe I'll get to those in the nest day or so.

As far as the girls go, they are growing and growing. We have had to move them in to their own cribs now. They were getting so big, that they would touch one side or the other with very little effort.

This earlier this week, they got to spend some time with the grandparents while Dana went to a baby sale. She was able to pick up some swings, toys, stroller, and the like for a real good price. According to Dana, Grandma has a new appreciation for what we go through on a daily basis. One baby is easy, 2 is a bit more time consuming. We joke that we would have had to hire help if it had been triplets.

On Friday, we go in for our 2 month doctors visit. Which means shot time. So we will have some upset babies tomorrow. More on that after the fact.

Well daddy has to get to get to work now, even if it is just upstairs at the home-office.

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