Sunday, January 01, 2006

Second baby checkup

Well we have had our second baby checkup. They both are doing well although each had a case of thrush. Harlan had it first and got medicine on the first visit, then Lanier got it by the second visit. So now they have both been on the medicine and it is clearing up nicely.

As far as the visits go, both are gaining weight, Harlan is up to 4lbs 15ozs and Lanier is up to 5lbs 2ozs. They want us to bring them in again Friday for a newborn weigh in and then again the week after. They want to make sure that they are continuing to gain weight at a proper pace.

On a side note, everyone loves the pink car seats we got them, granted we have only been to the grandparents, the pediatrician and the hospital with them. I think momma made a good choice in picking them out.

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