Monday, January 09, 2006

Babies First Adventure

Well we decided to take the babies with us to babies r us on Saturday. This would be the first time they have gone someplace other than the doctors office or grandparents house. So we loaded them up and off we went. Our plan was to get there when it opened, hoping this would cut down on the crowds and traffic, well the twins had other plans.

Well apparently the twins got together and decided we didn't need to leave until 11am, not our original hope of 8am. So they kept us up all night and finally settled in around 5am. So now momma and daddy needed some sleep so this delayed us a bit.

As far as the trip, it went really well. The twins did great, and lots of folks stopped me as I was pushing them around the store to look at them and ask about them. Quite fun actually. We did have to take a time out for feeding and changing, but that was expected.

Since they did so well, we probably will venture out again later this week. As we don't want to over do it. Right now we are working under the doctors idea of keep them close and away from crowds until they get to what would have been a 40week birth. For us that would be Jan 21st.

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