Monday, January 09, 2006

Apnea Report 1/9/06

Well we got the results from the first download of information from Lanier's Apnea Machine. This data is sent to Eglestons Children Hospital and is then forwarded to our doctor. They actually called on Friday but we were at the grandparents, so I called this morning to get the results. From a layman point of view things seem to be going good.

According to the report, this is what we had from 12/24/05 - 1/5/06
  • 30 Alarms
  • 7 events of less than 20 seconds, which they don't consider to be an issue
  • 6 events where there was concern. Of those 6 events, we were either holding her or looking at her when the alarm sounded.

Of the 6 events, none have occured since 12/29/05. And all occurred from 12/27-12/29. This was also the time frame where she was finally got the caffine out of her system.

We have put in a call to our doctor to get more information on this.

Our next schedule download is 2/7/06.

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