Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Diapers, freebies and more

wow all I can say is we need to buy stock in pampers and huggies. At least they have moved out of the premie diapers, which on come in packs of 20. Which for us is about a days worth. So now we are up to size 1, which come in a bigger package. Now we can go a few days before we hit the stores. I think we are ready to start hitting Sam's Club for the major stock piles of wipes and diapers.

Also of note, we have started sending off for our freebies. Lots of places have discounts, coupons, samples, etc for people with multiples. We have already started getting some in. Now nothing major, but a dollar off here and there adds up.

Well our feedings our off. With Lanier on her medicine that has to be given 30 minutes before a feeding. Then on top of that, each now only want 1.5ozs each feeding down from 3 ozs, but now they want it every hour and a half. Which is fine and all, but when we are trying to catch some zzzz's it makes it a bit hard.

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