Saturday, January 14, 2006

oh how the grow

Well another weighin and they keep getting bigger.
  • Harlan - 6lbs 0ozs
  • Lanier - 6lbs 6ozs

On the health front, both are doing great, The peditricain has put Lanier on some reflux medicine, they think this will help with any apnea issues. The way it was explained to us was, in premies, their muscles aren't fully ready for the workload of handling feedings, so sometimes they get confused and forget to breath if the relux kicks in. So far Lanier has been doing great. Harlan is not on the medicine and seem to be doing well also.

Both are eating like we are starving them :). At first they took an ounce than 1.5, now they are upto almost 3 and sometime a little more than 3 ounces each feeding, which seem to come more often now. So we are slowly giving them more and more.

And the Neosure formula that we are supplimenting with the breastmilk is helping them pack on the lbs. Once we get them to 7lbs we can stop using the Neosure and go to regular formula as a suppliment. And we'll be glad to, With the neosure we get half as much as normal formula for 3/4 the price of normal formula. Needless to say it can get expensive on that Neosure. They seem to go through a 12 oz can every other day.

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